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Blandford Forum Town Team

The purpose of the Town Team is to:

  • support the development and enhancement of a vibrant town with its unique Georgian heritage,
  • supported by our community spirit, profitable and attractive businesses and interesting tourist attractions in and around the Town, the River Stour and the wonderful local countryside.
  • The benefit will be for those who live, shop, work, have local businesses and visit Blandford.

The Blandford Town Team is constituted as a not-for profit Community Interest Company. A CIC enables us to facilitate community led projects, with community support.

The Town Team members are volunteers from the local community; anyone can join. Representatives of Blandford Forum Town Council and North Dorset District Council attend the meetings.

Meetings are held every two months from 6 to 8 pm. Details of the next meeting can be obtained from [email protected]. You are most welcome to come along.

The benefit of this website    This website gives you a one-stop electronic access to the key aspect of living, shopping, working and visiting Blandford.

Have your say

  • Let us know your views and comments on issues affecting the town. If we can not answer we will pass it onto the relevant council or community group. [email protected]
  • Take part in our survey

Our GDPR policy can be found here: link

Our Equality and Diversity policy can be found here: link

Clean-up Blandford Campaign (CUBC)

Clean Up Blandford Campaign (CUBC)

Do your bit for the environment – join in community litter-picks

Blandford Town Museum 1

Blandford Town Museum

The Blandford Museum tells the story of Blandford Forum and the surrounding area.

Common Lane Car Park

This is a privately-owned car park in the town centre behind M&Co, and uses number plate recognition

Civic Society

Blandford & District Civic Society

The Society (founded 1970) seeks to preserve and enhance the town’s built environment and pride of place by acting as a constructive pressure group.