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About us – what’s the issue?

The Blandford Railway Arches Trust (BRAT) was formed when the flood arches which once carried the Somerset & Dorset railway line over the river Stour at Langton Meadows came under threat of demolition for the third time in their 150 year history. The first time was after the railway closed when the rest of the embankment and viaduct over the Wimborne Road were removed, the second was when North Dorset District Council decided they no longer wanted them, and the third was when Blandford Town Council, which had taken them on with a long peppercorn lease, felt that they too had no real use for them.

The Railway Arches project – an outdoor venue and viewing platform

BRAT successfully campaigned for their retention and repair, and then to re-invent them as an outdoor venue for the town by organising events and gaining planning permission and funding for a staircase to the top to enhance the area and extend the scope for their use.

Once the staircase had been installed and the track-bed cleared,  with funding from NDLAG LEADER, final works were awaited to enable it to be open to the public during the day. And from September 2020, the gate to the staircase was open daily from 9am to 2.30pm for people to access the top and view over the meadows. Interpretation boards detailing the history of the railway and wildlife on the meadows have also been installed. For further details call 01258 459346.

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