Community Groups


We aim to promote all Community Groups in the Blandford Forum area and, where appropriate, work with the community and local government to provide support and collaborate in shared projects and objectives that benefit the community. Contact us to add your community group or club to the list, or to discuss support.

Associate Membership

Town Team Associate Members are provided with a Wordpress web page  for £50 a year.   Members are responsible for providing media (pictures, video etc) and text. See examples, including the Town Museum, Blandford Leisure Centre and Blandford’s Hidden Gardens.

Contact. Email Nic Nicol to have your community group or club added to the list, or to become an Associate Member – [email protected]

Associate Members (our patrons) – as at 01/08/2019

Blandford Town Museum

Angus Wood (Blandford Environmental Trust – BET)

Blandford Hidden Gardens

Clean Up Blandford Campaign – CUBC

Blandford Fashion Museum

Blandford Railway Arches Trust (BRAT)

Blandford Civic Society

Forum Focus

Blandford Business Support Group

Meetings every first Thursday of the month – 8:30 am

List of Community Groups

For activities in the Blandford area see: Age Concern Blandford: 4 Nightingale Court East Street Blandford, email: [email protected], Blandford Allotment Society: web: Blandford Amateur Boxing Club, meets Thursdays, United Reformed Church Blandford Art Society: web: Blandford Bowling Club, Park Road, Blandford: web: Blandford Brownies and Guides: email: [email protected] Blandford Business Club: meets on a Wednesday morning at 7.15 am for breakfast every two weeks in the Hall & Woodhouse Visitors Centre  web: Blandford Cricket Club, Park Road, Blandford: Blandford Dementia Action Alliance: web:, email [email protected] Blandford Evening Women’s Institute: Blandford & Mortain Twinning Association: Blandford Preetz Friendship Association: email: [email protected] Blandford Men’s Shed, Milldown Road, Blandford DT11 7SQ, email [email protected] Blandford Railway Arches Trust, 01258 459346 Blandford Rotary Club (lunchtime), web: Blandford Town Museum, Bere’s Yard, Market Place, Blandford;;  email [email protected] or call 01258 450388 Blandford Fashion Museum, The Plocks, Blandford; web: Blandford Film Society: web: Blandford Flyers Swimming Club, meets Blandford Leisure Centre, Blandford Forum Camera Club, Station Court, Blandford: web: Blandford Forum Gymnastics Club, Blandford Heights Industrial Estate: web: Blandford Georgian Fayre: email: [email protected]; web: Blandford Opportunity Group, Whitecliff Gardens, Blandford: email: [email protected] Blanadford

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